How to get started with my RAZOR

Supported cryptocurrencies

At the moment RAZOR supports BTC、ETH、USDT、EOS、BCH、BSV、ETH/Token(ERC20)、EOS Token、LTC、DASH、ZEC、DOGE, etc.

Exterior appearance

Your RAZOR includes an OLED screen, two buttons and supports USB 2.0 charging.


Two buttons for user guidance

The left button is for “cancel”, and the right button is for “confirm”

Long press 1.5 second - switch on or switch off. Short press - cancel, return.Pressing any button once the screen will display the account balance; pressing the button twice it will display the RAZOR serial number information;

Please charge the Razor according to the instruction in the picture, be careful the arrow side up


Connect your device

1.Make sure your Bitpie App version is above v4.0.4. Inside Bitpie App go to “Me” and to Account Management page.

2.According to the device number (pressing any button on the watch twice, the screen will display the RAZOR serial number information), select the device you want to connect and pair it.


3.Pairing code will be displayed on the RAZOR, afterwards input this code in Bitpie App. When the pairing process is completed, the device will begin to be initialized. At that moment, you can create a RAZOR account.

Create my RAZOR account

1.The first time you enter the new wallet you will have to name it (device tag).

2.After entering the name, set a 6-8 digits PIN Code. Enter the nine numbers that appears in the RAZOR in the App. You will need to enter the PIN code for any operation with the required signature.


In the image above we show you the PIN code entering rule, numbers must be entered in the corresponding location that shows in the Watch.

3.After setting the PIN code, take out your seed card and start copying your seeds! Be sure to copy carefully your 12 seed phrases.


4.Once the RAZOR account is created, you can freely switch between your RAZOR and Bitpie accounts in the Bitpie App.