Sending and receiving assets

In the following steps (for sending and receiving) we are going to use BTC as an example. Switch to BTC coin management in the BITHD account.

Note: Please make sure you have your seed phrases backed up before receiving assets.

Receiving BTC

In the BITHD wallet Main page select BTC – Select receive – Select my BTC address.

Sending BTC

In the BITHD wallet Main page select BTC– Select Send – Enter the correct BTC receiving address (e.g. 3BwDCPaYBCbYWEcqBfJJax4D217z2PuKv8), enter the amount to be sent (e.g. 0.0009).


Click on confirm sending.


At this point, the screen will display the specific miner fees, the receiving address and the sending amount. Press Confirm.


Enter your current PIN Code.


The First confirmation sending 0.0009 BTC to 3BwDCPaYBCbYWEcqBfJJax4D217z2PuKv8. (Confirm sending 0.0009 BTC to 3BwDCPaYBCbYWEcqBfJJax4D217z2PuKv8? Confirm or cancel)


The Second confirmation sending 0.00006 BTC to my change address 33y93ksuvmdvNNFpom6UAn1Vke8rpV1D4n (Confirm sending 0.00006 BTC to 33y93ksuvmdvNNFpom6UAn1Vke8rpV1D4n? Confirm or Cancel).


The Third confirmation sending, 0.00002 BTC miner fee is required to complete this transaction (Really send 0.00098 BTC from your wallet? Fee included:0.00002 BTC). After this transaction’s confirmation, the process is completed.

Note: The above addresses are just an example, write the correct sending address.