What if my BITHD RAZOR, PIN or seed phrases got lost?


If your BITHD RAZOR wallet got lost, stolen or broken, you can always restore it in another BITHD RAZOR wallet or in any BIP39 compatible wallet, but you must ensure that you have correctly backed up the 12 seed phrases.

The 12 seed phrases are extremely important and they determine if you are the owner of the digital assets. So do never reveal or loss them.

If you forget your PIN Code

Once your PIN code is forgotten, BITHD RAZOR will be locked and your BITHD RAZOR will not be available. But your assets is safe and still in the possession of mnemonics. It will not be affected. The current version does not support unlocking, we will provide unlocking features in subsequent versions. Please keep your 12 mnemonics, the only way you can control your assets. If the mnemonic is lost, the assets can not be recovered.

If you lose your seed phrases

The seed phrases card where you wrote the 12 seed phrases is extremely important. Make sure you keep it in safe place.

If you lose your seed card, you will need to transfer immediately all your assets to a temporary wallet. Then using BITHD, create a new set of seed phrases. After that, transfer your assets back to your account wallet.